The 7 Most Common Food Allergies

Food allergies affect more people today than they did 50 years ago. Although our food standards have increased in general our bodies don’t seem to be as robust as they were in the past. Allergy related illnesses like asthma have shown steady increases year on year.There are many different food allergies but here are the 7 most frequently diagnosed food allergies found in the U.S. today:1. Wheat Allergy – Wheat plays a major role in many of our diets, forming the basis of some breakfast cereals, pasta and bread and you will also find it such food products as soups and snack bars. As an ingredient it has a wide variety of uses which can make avoiding it quite difficult at first if you are wheat-intolerant but doing a little research and knowing what to look out for on product labels can make life a lot easier.2. Peanut Allergy – Peanuts have a bad reputation when it comes to allergies and it’s easy to see why. Allergic reactions to peanuts or peanut-related products can be severe and possibly even fatal if not dealt with in time. Even small traces of peanut can can cause a reaction in some people and like other foods listed here peanuts can find their way into a wide variety of everyday products – cookies, candy bars, and peanut butter are more obvious ones but you can also find it certain pastries and even ice cream.3. Milk Allergy – This is the most common of all the food allergies and it usually manifests itself early on in a person’s life. The reason for this is that children drink more milk at an early stage than adults. Although having a milk allergy can have a quite severe reaction most people grow out of it as they progress into adulthood.4. Egg Allergy – Eggs also contain allergens that can be quite severe and are also difficult to avoid at the supermarket. Both the egg white and the egg yolk can cause an allergic reaction.5. Shellfish Allergy – Shellfish allergies are more common in adults than in children. Approximately 2% of adults develop an allergic reaction to shellfish and it usually occurs in early adulthood.6. Soybean Allergy – Being a member of the legume family soybeans and peanuts are closely related. In the 1950s and 60s soy was thought to be safer than milk in baby food products as milk allergies started coming to the fore. And because it’s high in protein soy is found as an ingredient in many household food products today.7. Tree Nut Allergy – Although nuts like pistachios, Brazil nuts, pines and almonds all come from trees and peanuts come from the ground there seems to be a link there as a large portion of people who are allergic to peanuts are also allergic to tree nuts. It’s advisable that if a person has an allergic reaction to either type that they should avoid nuts altogether.

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5 Benefits of Payday Loans

Payday loans are a relatively new idea. You find yourself strapped for cash and in need of a little help to get you through to payday.In the past the only viable option open to you was credit cards or a personal loan. Both these options have a great track record but they also have their problems. Credit cards are notoriously easy to run up a high bill because of the way they are designed, they let you pay a minimum payment in the hope that you stretch out the re-payment as long as possible. This creates more income for the credit card companies as they pile on charges and interest. Personal loans can be good products but they are sometimes difficult to get and require in depth credit checks.So now a new product has emerged to fill the void where people either can’t get credit cards or don’t want the hassle. Enter the payday loan. They are a great alternative to traditional lending options but have a bad reputation. Are they as bad as you think? They are extremely popular, surely so many people cant be wrong. Below we have listed five advantages so you can make your own mind up.Below are seven advantages of payday loans.1. The process is very quick and easy. Really quick! A person can apply for the loan and have the money sat in their bank account within half an hour… sometimes within a couple of minutes. This kind of speed is unheard of in standard banking terms and is mainly due to the automation that is utilized. The customer can apply on the internet and usually only has to fill in their personal details and then tweak a couple of sliders.2. You can borrow as little as you like. Unlike standard banking products, the short term loan companies will usually lend you as little as $50. For a high street bank this amount simply wouldn’t be possible, they would see such a small loan as a waste of their time and not worth the investment in the first place.3. Short term lending means you don’t have a long term problem. Because of the nature of the payday loan you know that you only have that debt for a month or so. This has the advantage of knowing that you won’t be paying off the debt for the next 6 months. Although most people think that if you default you are in big trouble this often simply isn’t true. The payday loan companies understand that a certain number of people will default and they build this into their business plan, often simply banning the customer from using the service again rather than taking further action.4. They are more likely to accept you. They tend to take on riskier individuals. payday lenders are often more likely to take a risk on a person than the standard banks are. This is because they are designed to lend small amounts over a shorter amount of time the financial risk is seen as much smaller so they can lend to a wider range of people.5. All charges and fees are clearly stated up front. Because of the bad press that the lenders have had in the past the payday loan market is heavily monitored and controlled. All fees and charges need to be clearly identified up front as well as the representative APR. This means that you know exactly how much you will pay back without any hidden charges or unexpected payments.Hopefully these five advantages of payday loans has given you an insight into why people find these products so attractive. In summary, payday loans are quick, relatively easy to get and as long as you understand how to use them, they aren’t as scary as you think.

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Employment Discrimination – 5 Tips For Effectively Presenting a Claim

Discrimination in the workplace is a serious problem for today’s workers. Unlawful employment discrimination creates a work environment in which the workers suffering discrimination are faced with an unpleasant and possibly illegal work situation. At its worst, the workers who are subjected to such  illegal actions may lose their jobs and even become unemployable.The only “good news” is that workers subjected to employment discrimination can protect themselves because such discrimination often is illegal. If an employee or job applicant thinks that he or she has been subjected to job discrimination, here are five tips that the worker should employ to make sure that his or her discrimination claim is given proper attention.1. The worker needs to know and understand the employer’s rules and procedures that apply when employment discrimination or harassment is alleged.If the worker wants his or her claims to be taken seriously by the employer, the worker has to properly bring an employment discrimination or harassment claim to the employer’s attention. If the worker follows the company’s rules, then he or she is in a better position to insist that the employer follow those same rules — including timetables for resolving the claims — as well.2. Make sure that the employer knows about any existing or potential employment discrimination.An employer can’t take action until it knows about a worker’s discrimination claims.3. Keep a record of claims and the steps taken to resolve the problems.An employer is unlikely to believe that there has been employment discrimination in its business unless it is confronted by believable claims with adequate proof. Accordingly, the worker must keep a detailed record of the alleged incidents. These records should include the names of the parties involved, when the alleged incidents took place, the names of any witnesses, and where the incidents took place. The employee or job applicant should also keep a detailed record of his or her actions taken to resolve the problems, including the details of conversations with company representatives.By taking these steps, the worker can show that he or she is taking this problem seriously and expects the company to reply in kind.4. If the worker has preserved any evidence of the alleged harassment or discrimination, he or she should keep it. Such evidence might include offensive objects or pictures.Evidence such as this will be helpful in authenticating and resolving the claims.5. Consider asking for the help of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which is the federal agency that deals with employment discrimination, or the state equal employment agency.It may be a good idea for an employee or job applicant to take their claims to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), if they don’t think that the employer will pay proper attention to their complaint. The EEOC will then either investigate the claims itself, or ask the appropriate state agency to investigate. A worker can get EEOC help without obtaining an attorney, so he or she will not be faced with attorney fees at this stage. An employer may be willing to compromise with the worker if the EEOC concludes that the employer may have harassed or discriminated against the worker. However, if it does not appear that there will be a settlement, then the worker should retain an attorney to help with administrative hearings or judicial proceedings. An attorney will help the worker to get through administrative or judicial proceedings.If worker follows these tips, he or she will have presented their claim in the best way possible and  will have done their best to make sure that justice is done.

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